• Risk Management StrategiesProperty Protection
  • Benefit Plans
  • Surety
  • Suppliers Bonding Program


  • Insurance Engineering
  • Appraisals
  • Actuarial Plans
  • Contact Reviewing
  • Procedures and Control Systems
  • Reports


  • Optimal Quotes
  • Contacts Analysis
  • Polices Executions
  • Operations and Claims Manuals
  • Procedure and control of claims. When our clients have any loss, our Partners are those who, supported by our team, give them the necessary guidance to provide us with the documentation required by the insurance or surety company to process the case. We consider any claim as our own, always looking for a way for the insurance or surety company to fulfill the clauses of the contract and always in favor of our customer, to provide a fair and timely indemnification in agreement with the contract. For us, the finished product of an insurance or surety company is the payment of claims.
  • Personnel guidance on their Insurance and Surety programs
  • Qualified Implants


  • Cost-Benefit Proportion Management
  • At least two of our partners are involved in the attention of each one our clients